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Screenshot of Top Pushup Website

Refine your pushup form with Top Pushup.

Top Pushup: Perfect Your Form and Maximize Your Workout with AI-Powered Feedback

Refine your pushup form and maximize your workout with Top Pushup's AI-powered app for live audio feedback and progress tracking.

Top Pushup

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Screenshot of Top Pushup Website

Top Pushup: Perfect your form, maximize your workout, and track your progress with AI-powered technology

Top Pushup is the ultimate solution for individuals aiming to enhance their pushup technique and optimize their workout. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, our app offers real-time audio feedback to track your pushup form during each repetition. By ensuring that you execute every pushup correctly, Top Pushup goes beyond simply counting your reps. It also detects any deviations such as half-pushups or incorrect plank form, highlighting areas for improvement. With Top Pushup, you can elevate your pushup routine, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness with every rep. As a result, not only will your workouts be more efficient, but you'll also experience improved posture and better overall results.

About Top Pushup:

1. Step-by-step video tutorials are provided to help you perfect your form.
2. Audio feedback is delivered to monitor your reps accurately.
3. Our AI-powered analytics enable you to track and review your progress seamlessly.

For Who?

Top Pushup is an incredibly useful tool for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and anyone else looking to maximize the productivity of their pushup workouts. This tool is especially great for beginners who are just starting out and want to ensure they are performing each pushup with the correct form.

Top Pushup's AI-powered app is designed to track and provide live audio feedback on your pushup form. This means you can receive instant guidance on whether you are performing each pushup correctly or if there are any corrections that need to be made. By having this real-time feedback, you can adjust your form and technique accordingly, ensuring that you are targeting the right muscles and getting the most out of each rep.

Not only does Top Pushup count the pushups you do correctly, but it also informs you of any mistakes you may be making, such as half-pushups or incorrect plank form. This level of feedback is invaluable for individuals who want to improve their performance and avoid common mistakes that can lead to injuries or ineffective workouts.

Additionally, Top Pushup allows you to track and review your progress over time through its AI-powered analytics. This feature is particularly beneficial for personal trainers or athletes who want to monitor their clients' progress or challenge themselves to continuously improve. By analyzing your pushup data, you can set goals, track your improvements, and keep your workouts engaging and effective.

Main Features

Step-by-step video tutorials for form

Real-time audio feedback for reps

AI-powered analytics to track progress

Improve posture and achieve better results

Benefits of using Top Pushup

Top Pushup offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your pushup routine and provide you with a more effective and rewarding workout experience.

Firstly, the app provides step-by-step video tutorials that guide you through the correct form for performing pushups. This is essential for beginners or those who may not be familiar with the proper technique. By following these tutorials, you can ensure that you are engaging the correct muscles and maximizing the benefits of each rep.

Secondly, Top Pushup utilizes advanced AI technology to give you live audio feedback on your pushup form. This means that as you perform each rep, the app will provide real-time guidance and inform you if you are not executing the pushup correctly. This instant feedback allows you to make immediate adjustments and ensures that you are maintaining the correct plank form throughout the exercise.

Another advantage of using Top Pushup is its ability to track and review your progress through its AI-powered analytics. The app keeps a record of your pushup reps and offers insights into your performance. This allows you to monitor your progress over time, set goals, and stay motivated as you work towards improving your pushup technique and strength.

By using Top Pushup regularly, you can expect to see significant improvements in your pushup form and overall fitness. Not only will you be able to do more pushups, but you will also develop better posture, increased muscle definition, and improved upper body strength. Additionally, the app's accurate tracking and feedback system ensure that you are working out efficiently and making the most out of every rep.

Full Review

We had the opportunity to try out and review Top Pushup, a fantastic tool for anyone looking to enhance their pushup form and optimize their workout routine. This AI-powered app impressed us with its advanced technology, which allowed us to track our pushup form in real-time and receive live audio feedback.

One of the standout features of Top Pushup is its step-by-step video tutorials. These tutorials provide comprehensive instruction on how to perform pushups correctly, ensuring that users have a solid foundation. We found these tutorials to be incredibly helpful, especially for beginners who may be unfamiliar with proper pushup technique. The clear and concise instructions made it easy for us to understand and implement the correct form.

Another notable feature of Top Pushup is its audio feedback system. This feature provides instant guidance during each pushup, notifying users if they are performing a half-pushup or deviating from the correct plank form. This real-time feedback was invaluable in helping us improve our technique and make adjustments on the spot. We appreciated how the app didn't just count the pushups we did correctly, but also pinpointed areas for improvement, allowing us to make necessary adjustments and achieve better results.

In addition to its instructional and feedback features, Top Pushup also offers AI-powered analytics. With this feature, we were able to track and review our progress over time. The app intelligently analyzed our performance, highlighting areas where we had improved and identifying areas that still needed work. This data-driven approach to fitness was a game-changer for us, as it allowed us to set goals and measure our progress with accuracy and precision.

Using Top Pushup consistently has not only resulted in a more effective workout but has also led to improved posture and better overall results. The detailed feedback and analytics have helped us fine-tune our form, ensuring that we are maximizing the benefits of each rep. Not only do we feel a greater burn during our workouts, but we also feel more confident in our abilities and see tangible improvements in our muscle tone and strength.

Overall, we highly recommend Top Pushup to anyone looking to take their pushup routine to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this app's combination of video tutorials, audio feedback, and AI-powered analytics will undoubtedly enhance your pushup form and deliver superior results. Don't settle for mediocre pushups when you can achieve your full potential with Top Pushup.

Top Pushup


- Step-by-step tutorials to perfect form
- Audio feedback for monitoring reps
- Track and review progress with analytics


- Limited to pushup workouts only.
- Requires a smartphone or device to use.

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