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Screenshot of SuperBetter Website

Break free from negative cycles with SuperBetter.

SuperBetter: Set Goals, Track Progress, and Unlock Rewards for Resilience

Unlock rewards and build resilience with SuperBetter. Set goals, track progress, and access helpful resources for meaningful life changes.


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Screenshot of SuperBetter Website

SuperBetter: Achieve Your Goals, Unlock Rewards, and Access Helpful Resources

SuperBetter, the revolutionary app designed to help you beat life's challenges and take back control of your wellbeing. This innovative approach to self-care combines the power of positive psychology with game elements to help you build resilience and create positive habits. By setting goals and unlocking rewards, SuperBetter encourages you to break out of negative cycles and focus on the things that make you strong.

With a comprehensive suite of tools, SuperBetter allows you to track your progress and celebrate your successes. It provides a fun and supportive environment where you can set achievable goals and receive guidance to stay motivated and inspired. The app also offers a range of helpful resources, including guided activities and inspiring stories, to further support your journey towards a healthier and happier life.

No matter what challenges you may be facing, whether it's a chronic illness, managing stress, or simply striving for better overall health, SuperBetter is there to help you make meaningful changes in your life. With its unique blend of science-backed strategies and game-like elements, SuperBetter empowers you to take charge of your wellbeing and unleash your full potential.

For Who?

SuperBetter is a tool that can be incredibly useful for individuals in various professions and businesses. Its purpose is to accelerate productivity by helping users beat life's challenges and regain control of their wellbeing. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, or an employee, SuperBetter can assist you in reaching your goals and unlocking rewards along the way.

For entrepreneurs, SuperBetter can provide a unique approach to self-care, allowing you to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while facing the challenges of running a business. By setting goals and tracking your progress, this tool keeps you focused and motivated. Additionally, accessing helpful resources and inspiring stories can offer you valuable insights and keep you inspired throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Managers can also benefit from SuperBetter by using it to build resilience and support their team's wellbeing. The app's game elements make it engaging and enjoyable for employees to participate, creating a positive and supportive work environment. By setting achievable goals and celebrating successes, SuperBetter fosters a sense of accomplishment and teamwork, further enhancing productivity in the workplace.

Even if you are an employee in any profession, SuperBetter can aid in managing stress, conquering personal challenges, and creating positive habits. By utilizing the app's comprehensive suite of tools, you can track your progress, set achievable goals, and gain rewards for overcoming obstacles. This motivates you to break out of negative cycles and focus on what strengthens you, ultimately increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

Main Features

Break out of negative cycles and focus on strengths.

Benefits of using SuperBetter

SuperBetter is an incredible tool that offers a wide range of benefits in various real-world scenarios. By utilizing its features, users can experience significant improvements in their overall well-being and quality of life.

One of the primary advantages of using SuperBetter is the ability to set goals and track progress. This feature allows individuals to establish clear objectives and monitor their advancement towards achieving them. Whether it's managing a chronic illness, reducing stress levels, or simply aiming to maintain good health, SuperBetter provides a structured framework for setting achievable goals and staying on track.

Another noteworthy benefit of SuperBetter is its capability to unlock rewards while building resilience. This gamified approach serves as a powerful motivator, making self-improvement an enjoyable and rewarding experience. By completing tasks, overcoming challenges, and earning rewards, users are encouraged to continue their progress and strengthen their resilience.

SuperBetter also provides access to a wealth of helpful resources and inspiring stories. These resources, including guided activities and inspiring anecdotes from other users, serve as a source of motivation and support. They offer valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to help users stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and cultivate positive habits.

In a nutshell, whether you're facing personal challenges or striving for self-improvement, SuperBetter can be a transformative tool. Its innovative approach based on positive psychology, the gamification of self-care, and the provision of helpful resources creates an environment conducive to personal growth and resilience building. By utilizing the app's features, users can experience lasting positive changes in their lives, ultimately leading to increased well-being and a stronger sense of control.

Full Review

Review of SuperBetter:

At first glance, SuperBetter appears to be just another self-care app. However, upon diving deeper into its features, we were pleasantly surprised by its innovative approach and the impact it can have on one's wellbeing.

First of all, we appreciated the goal-setting and progress-tracking aspect of SuperBetter. The app allows you to set goals that are important to you and track your progress towards achieving them. This not only provides a sense of direction but also helps to keep you motivated and accountable.

One of the standout features of SuperBetter is the way it incorporates game elements into the self-care process. By unlocking rewards, you are encouraged to continue building resilience and developing positive habits. This gamification aspect adds a fun and engaging element to the app, making it more likely that you will stick with it in the long run.

Additionally, SuperBetter provides access to a wide range of helpful resources and inspiring stories. These resources can be invaluable in staying motivated and finding new ways to overcome challenges. Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness, managing stress, or simply trying to stay healthy, the app offers a wealth of content to support your journey.

We found the overall design and user interface of SuperBetter to be intuitive and user-friendly. The app is easy to navigate, and the information is presented in a clear and organized manner. This makes it accessible to individuals of all ages and tech-savviness levels.

One area where SuperBetter could be improved is in the variety of activities available. While the app provides guided activities, it would be great to see a wider range of options to cater to different interests and preferences. This would enhance the overall user experience and make it even more effective in building resilience.

In conclusion, SuperBetter is a game-changer in the realm of self-care apps. Its unique combination of goal setting, rewards, and resources makes it a powerful tool for taking control of your wellbeing. Whether you're facing personal challenges or striving for personal growth, SuperBetter can help you make meaningful changes in your life. Give it a try and unlock your inner strength and resilience today.



- SuperBetter allows you to set goals and track progress.
- You can unlock rewards while building resilience.
- Access helpful resources and inspiring stories.


- Limited customization options for goals and rewards.
- Some users may find the game elements distracting.

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