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Streamline legal workflow, eliminate manual processes.

SimpleLegal: Automate Legal Workflow, Track Progress, and Securely Manage Data

Streamline legal workflow, automate processes, track progress, collaborate with teams, and securely manage data with SimpleLegal's advanced analytics.


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Screenshot of SimpleLegal Website

Introducing SimpleLegal: Automated Legal Workflow, Collaborative Document Review, and Advanced Analytics

SimpleLegal is an all-in-one platform designed to transform legal teams and organizations of any size. With its integrated system, it revolutionizes the legal workflow by automating mundane tasks and eliminating manual processes. This allows users to focus their time and energy on more critical matters. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for all users. SimpleLegal's cloud-based system enables efficient tracking of progress, reviewing of legal documents, and seamless collaboration with teams and vendors. The platform also prioritizes data security, providing a secure and centralized location for storage and management. Additionally, SimpleLegal offers advanced analytics, enabling teams to gain valuable insights into legal trends and make informed decisions. By leveraging the power of SimpleLegal, legal teams can save time, money, and energy, leading to improved efficiency and maximizing the potential of their team.

For Who?

SimpleLegal is a valuable tool for legal teams and organizations of all sizes. If you are looking to accelerate productivity and streamline your legal workflow, this platform is perfect for you. Whether you are a small legal department or a large firm, SimpleLegal offers an integrated platform that automates various tasks and eliminates manual processes.

If you find yourself spending too much time on mundane tasks, SimpleLegal can help. By automating your legal workflow, you can save time and focus on more important matters. This tool allows you to track progress, review legal documents, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Say goodbye to countless hours spent on paperwork and hello to enhanced productivity.

Data security is crucial for legal teams, and SimpleLegal understands that. With their cloud-based platform, you can securely store and manage your data without worrying about breaches or unauthorized access. Additionally, SimpleLegal provides advanced analytics to help you gain insights into legal trends and make smarter decisions.

Whether you want to save time, money, or energy, SimpleLegal is here to assist you. By utilizing this tool, you can maximize your legal team's potential and focus on the big picture. So why wait? Start accelerating your productivity with SimpleLegal today.

Main Features

Automates legal workflow and eliminates manual processes.

Tracks progress, reviews legal documents, and collaborates with teams.

Securely stores and manages data with advanced analytics.

Benefits of using SimpleLegal

SimpleLegal offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal teams and organizations. By automating the legal workflow and eliminating manual processes, the tool saves valuable time and reduces the risk of errors. This means that legal professionals can focus on more important matters, such as providing strategic advice and support.

With SimpleLegal's cloud-based platform, users can easily track progress, review legal documents, and collaborate with team members and vendors. This streamlines communication and enhances collaboration, allowing for faster decision-making and increased productivity.

The tool also offers secure storage and management of data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected. In addition, SimpleLegal provides advanced analytics that help teams gain insights into legal trends and make smarter decisions. By analyzing data and identifying patterns, legal professionals can improve their strategies and mitigate risks.

Full Review

At SimpleLegal, we believe in providing the ultimate tool for legal teams and organizations of all sizes. With our integrated platform, we have streamlined the entire legal workflow, allowing for automated processes and eliminating the need for manual tasks.

One of the key features of SimpleLegal is the ability to track progress, review legal documents, and collaborate with teams. Our intuitive and easy-to-use system ensures that all parties involved can stay up-to-date on the latest developments and seamlessly work together towards a common goal.

Additionally, our cloud-based platform offers a secure and efficient way to store and manage data. With advanced analytics, our users can gain valuable insights into their legal operations, allowing them to make smarter decisions and better understand underlying legal trends.

By automating processes, providing a collaborative environment, and offering advanced analytics, SimpleLegal helps legal teams save time, money, and energy. This allows them to focus on the big picture and get the most out of their team's efforts.

Overall, SimpleLegal is an invaluable tool for any legal team or organization looking to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, it is a must-have for anyone in the legal profession.



- Automate legal workflow and eliminate manual processes
- Track progress, review legal documents, and collaborate with teams
- Securely store and manage data with advanced analytics


- Limited customization options for specific legal workflows
- Requires internet access for cloud-based platform usage

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