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Master a language with Saruna.

Saruna: AI-powered language learning app for confident, articulate speakers

Saruna: AI-powered language learning app. Learn topics from Twitter, improve speaking fluency, overcome last-mile problem, become confident in 20+ languages.


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Screenshot of Saruna Website

Introducing Saruna: AI-Powered Language Learning for Confident Speaking

Saruna is an innovative language learning app that is revolutionizing the way we learn new languages. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, Saruna tailors your language learning experience based on your personal interests and social media activity, particularly your Twitter followings. By analyzing your Twitter account, Saruna is able to generate conversation topics that are relevant to you, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

One standout feature of Saruna is its focus on speaking practice. Unlike other language learning apps that primarily focus on reading and writing, Saruna places a strong emphasis on improving your speaking skills. It prompts you to provide long and detailed answers to conversation topics, forcing you to think on your feet and speak with confidence. The more you practice speaking, the more fluent and natural your language skills will become.

Saruna also addresses a common issue in language learning known as the "last-mile problem". This refers to the struggle that many language learners face when trying to express themselves in real-life situations, especially in group conversations. With Saruna, you can overcome this hurdle and gain the confidence to express yourself fluently and effectively, no matter the context.

Whether you're just starting out on your language learning journey or are a seasoned learner looking for the next challenge, Saruna is the perfect companion. It will help you become a confident, articulate speaker and master of the language you're learning. So why wait? Download Saruna today and take your language skills to new heights.

For Who?

Saruna is an incredible tool that can greatly benefit individuals in a variety of professions and industries. Whether you work in customer service, sales, marketing, or any other field that requires effective communication, Saruna can significantly accelerate your productivity.

For language teachers, Saruna offers a valuable resource to assist in teaching students how to confidently express themselves in a foreign language. The app's AI-powered technology creates conversation topics based on the user's Twitter followings, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to their students' interests and engage them in meaningful discussions.

Professionals in sales and customer service can benefit from Saruna's focus on improving speaking skills. By practicing long answers, users can train themselves to communicate more fluently and confidently with clients and customers. This can lead to enhanced client relationships, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction.

In the global business world, Saruna can be a game-changer for professionals who regularly interact with international clients and colleagues. Overcoming the last-mile problem in mastering a foreign language, Saruna provides users with the words they need to express themselves effortlessly in any situation. From group meetings to conference calls, Saruna ensures that language barriers do not hinder effective communication, enabling professionals to collaborate seamlessly on a global scale.

Furthermore, Saruna is not limited to beginners in language learning. Even seasoned language learners can benefit from the app's innovative approach. By continually practicing speaking skills and receiving feedback, users can refine their language proficiency and become true masters of the languages they are learning.

Main Features

Introduces conversation topics based on Twitter followings

Encourages speaking practice with long answers

Helps overcome the last-mile problem in language learning

Suitable for beginners and seasoned language learners.

Benefits of using Saruna

Saruna is an innovative language learning app that offers several benefits for users in real-world scenarios. One of the key features of Saruna is that it tailors the learning experience based on the user's Twitter followings. By doing so, it introduces conversation topics that are relevant and interesting to the user, making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable.

Another advantage of using Saruna is the opportunity it provides for users to practice and improve their speaking skills. The app encourages users to provide long answers in order to enhance fluency in their target language. By regularly practicing speaking with extended responses, users can boost their confidence in expressing themselves effectively in various situations.

Saruna also addresses the last-mile problem in language learning. Often, individuals struggle with finding the right words to express themselves accurately and fluently, especially in group conversations. However, Saruna enables users to overcome this challenge by equipping them with the necessary vocabulary and phrases required to confidently participate in any conversation.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced language learner, Saruna is a valuable tool that can help you become a confident and articulate speaker. It aids in mastering a foreign language by providing personalized learning experiences, improving fluency through speaking practice, and empowering users to overcome linguistic obstacles in real-world interactions. With Saruna, you can become a true master of the language you are learning and confidently navigate any communication scenario.

Full Review

We had the opportunity to try out Saruna, an innovative language learning app, and we are excited to share our review and the features that make it stand out.

One of the most unique aspects of Saruna is that it uses the user's Twitter followings to introduce conversation topics. This feature not only personalizes the learning experience but also makes it more engaging and relevant. By discussing topics that we are already interested in, we found ourselves more motivated to practice and improve our speaking skills.

Speaking of speaking skills, Saruna encourages users to practice with long answers. This approach helps improve fluency by challenging users to express themselves more extensively. We appreciated this focus on speaking, as it often proves to be a difficult hurdle in language learning. With Saruna, we had the opportunity to go beyond short phrases and truly train our speaking abilities.

But what sets Saruna apart from other language learning apps is its ability to address the last-mile problem in mastering a foreign language. Many language learners struggle to confidently speak in complex and fast-paced group conversations. However, Saruna equips users with the words and skills they need to express themselves in any situation, even in group settings. This feature is invaluable for both beginners and more advanced language learners seeking to become articulate and confident speakers.

Overall, our experience with Saruna has been incredibly positive. The app's use of AI-powered technology, coupled with its personalized approach and focus on speaking skills, make it a powerful tool for language learners of all levels. Whether you're just starting your language learning journey or are looking to enhance your existing skills, Saruna is an excellent choice that will help you become a master of the language you're learning.



- Personalized learning based on Twitter followings
- Speaking practice to improve fluency
- Overcoming the last-mile problem in language learning
- Suitable for beginners and advanced learners


- Limited to conversation topics based on user's Twitter followings
- App focuses more on speaking fluency, may not cover all aspects of language learning

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