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Unlock your music's potential with Polymath

Polymath: Separating Stems, Quantizing Tempo, and Analyzing Music Structure

Polymath: The ultimate music production tool. Organize, search, and analyze your music library with machine learning algorithms. Create exceptional music effortlessly.


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Screenshot of Polymath Website

Introducing Polymath: Streamline Music Production with Advanced Features and Sample Library

Polymath is a game-changer for music producers and audio developers. This powerful tool utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to simplify and enhance the music production process. With Polymath, you can effortlessly organize and search your music library, saving you precious time and eliminating the hassle of manual organization.

One of the standout features of Polymath is its ability to separate songs into specific stems – whether it's beats, bass, or any other component, you can easily isolate and work with individual elements. Moreover, Polymath allows you to quantize these stems to the same tempo and beat-grid, ensuring synchronization and seamless integration into your projects.

Beyond its stem separation capabilities, Polymath offers a range of analytical features. You can delve into the intricacies of your music by analyzing its musical structure, key, and other essential information such as timbre and loudness. This analysis provides valuable insights and enables you to make informed creative decisions throughout the production process.

With Polymath, a vast library of samples becomes readily available to you. This extensive collection equips you with a diverse range of sounds to suit any project, fueling your creativity and empowering you to create amazing music effortlessly. Whether you're a music producer, DJ, or ML audio developer, Polymath is the perfect companion to expedite your workflow and take your music to new heights.

By streamlining complex tasks, offering comprehensive analytical capabilities, and providing access to a vast sample library, Polymath truly revolutionizes music production. Ready to embark on a seamless and efficient journey towards creating exceptional music? Polymath is here to guide you every step of the way.

For Who?

Polymath is an invaluable tool for music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers who want to accelerate productivity in their job or business. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Polymath can help you streamline your workflow and create high-quality music in less time.

One of the key features of Polymath is its ability to quickly separate songs into specific stems and quantize them to the same tempo and beat-grid. This means that you no longer have to spend hours manually isolating individual elements of a track or aligning them to a consistent rhythm. Polymath does the heavy lifting for you, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of music production.

Additionally, Polymath offers comprehensive analysis tools that allow you to delve deeper into the musical structure, key, and other important information of a song. By understanding these elements, you can make more informed decisions in your production process, resulting in a more polished and professional sound.

Furthermore, Polymath provides access to a vast library of samples, giving you an extensive palette of sounds to work with. This eliminates the need to scour the internet or purchase individual samples, saving you both time and money. With Polymath, you can easily find the perfect sound to elevate your music and bring your vision to life.

Main Features

Separate songs into stems and quantize.

Analyze musical structure and key.

Access a vast sample library.

Create amazing music in no time.

Benefits of using Polymath

Polymath is a game-changing tool that offers numerous benefits for music production in real-world scenarios. Firstly, it simplifies the process of separating songs into specific stems such as beats, bass, vocals, and more. This allows producers to work with individual elements of a song with greater ease and flexibility, making it effortless to experiment and create new arrangements.

In addition to stem separation, Polymath also offers the ability to quantize these stems to the same tempo and beat-grid. This feature ensures that all the elements of a track align perfectly, resulting in a more cohesive and professional-sounding mix. No more tedious manual adjustments or mismatched timing – Polymath streamlines this process, saving valuable time and effort.

Beyond stem separation and quantization, Polymath provides comprehensive analysis of musical structure, key, and other vital information, including timbre and loudness. By leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Polymath equips audio developers and DJs with key insights into the composition of a track. This information can assist in creating seamless transitions between songs, matching complementary keys, or even identifying patterns that enhance the overall musical experience.

Moreover, Polymath transforms your music library into an organized and searchable sample library. With its machine learning capabilities, it categorizes and tags samples based on their musical properties, making it incredibly convenient and efficient to locate the desired sound. This vast library of samples offers an incredible range of possibilities, enabling producers to expand their creative horizons and produce incredible music across various genres.

Full Review

At Polymath, we have created a powerful developer tool that revolutionizes music production. Our tool utilizes highly advanced machine learning algorithms to provide a seamless and efficient experience for music producers.

One of the standout features of Polymath is its ability to easily separate songs into specific stems. Whether you want to isolate the beats, the bass, or any other element of a song, Polymath can do it with just a few clicks. This feature streamlines the process of remixing, sampling, and manipulating songs, giving users the freedom to explore their creativity.

In addition to separating stems, Polymath allows users to quantize their tracks to the same tempo and beat-grid. This ensures that all the different elements of a song are perfectly synchronized, making it easier for producers to work with and manipulate individual parts. This feature greatly enhances the overall quality and cohesiveness of the music being produced.

Another standout feature of Polymath is its powerful analysis capabilities. With just a click, users can access detailed information about the musical structure, key, timbre, and loudness of their tracks. This information is invaluable for producers looking to fine-tune their music and create a more polished final product. Polymath's analysis capabilities provide users with a deep understanding of their music, allowing them to make informed decisions during the production process.

Furthermore, Polymath offers access to a vast library of samples. This library is carefully curated and constantly updated, ensuring that users always have a wide range of high-quality samples to choose from. Whether you're looking for drum loops, melodic elements, or sound effects, Polymath has it all. This extensive sample library allows users to experiment with different sounds and styles, opening up endless possibilities for creative expression.

Overall, Polymath is a game-changer in the world of music production. Its ability to separate stems, quantize tracks, and analyze musical elements sets it apart from other tools in the market. With Polymath, music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers can streamline their workflow, enhance their creativity, and create amazing music in no time.



- Separate songs into stems and quantize
- Analyze musical structure and other information
- Access a vast library of samples
- Create amazing music quickly and easily


- The sophisticated machine learning algorithms used by Polymath may have a steep learning curve for some users.
- Polymath's vast library of samples may be overwhelming for users who prefer a more curated selection.

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