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Improve software usage with KNO's assistance.

Alltius KNO: Boost Productivity and Satisfaction with Comprehensive Conversational Assistance

KNO Review and Features: Get quick answers with Alltius' AI-driven platform. Use the KNO widget for comprehensive assistance, in-product guides, and documentation search. Improve your software experience now.


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Screenshot of KNO Website

Introducing Alltius: Boost Productivity and Satisfaction with KNO Review and Features

Alltius is an AI-driven platform that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with software products. With its comprehensive conversational assistance features, Alltius provides a seamless experience for users to navigate and optimize their software products.

One of the standout features of Alltius is its Slack assistant, which enables users to quickly find answers to their questions. Whether it's a simple query or a complex problem, the Slack assistant is there to provide quick and accurate assistance.

But it doesn't stop there. Alltius also offers a powerful KNO widget that takes conversational assistance to the next level. This low code help widget includes an in-product guide and companion to help users throughout their product journey. Whether it's learning the ins and outs of a new feature or troubleshooting an issue, the KNO widget is there to offer guidance and support.

But Alltius doesn't just aim to provide generic assistance. It understands that every software product is unique, and users require specific information to make the most out of their experience. That's why Alltius also offers an enterprise documentation search platform. This platform, integrated within the KNO widget, enables users to access in-depth information about their software products, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

Alltius ultimately aims to enhance user experience by making product usage and navigation easier. By providing quick answers, comprehensive assistance, and extensive documentation search, Alltius allows users to get the most out of their software products. This, in turn, boosts productivity and satisfaction.

With Alltius, you can say goodbye to the frustration of navigating complex software products. Embrace a more seamless experience and let Alltius guide you every step of the way.

For Who?

Alltius and its KNO feature are ideal for the following individuals and businesses looking to accelerate their productivity:

1. Software Developers: Alltius provides an AI-driven Slack assistant that can quickly answer developers' questions, helping them troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently. With the KNO widget, developers can also access comprehensive conversational assistance, making their development process more streamlined.

2. Customer Support Teams: Alltius offers a low code help widget with KNO, which includes an in-product guide and companion. This is particularly useful for customer support teams as they can provide step-by-step guidance to customers navigating their products. It enables them to offer efficient support and resolve customer queries in a timely manner.

3. Product Managers: Alltius' KNO widget enhances the product experience by offering an in-product guide and documentation search platform. Product managers can utilize this feature to ensure that users have easy access to relevant information and resources. As a result, users can quickly understand and navigate the product, accelerating their productivity and satisfaction.

4. Business Owners: Whether running a small startup or a large enterprise, Alltius can boost productivity within the organization. By providing a more seamless experience, team members can find the answers they need without wasting time searching for information. This allows business owners and their employees to focus on important tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and overall productivity.

Main Features

Boost productivity and satisfaction for software product users.

Benefits of using KNO

Alltius provides several benefits for users through its KNO features. Firstly, the platform offers a Slack assistant that enables users to quickly find answers to their questions. This conversational assistance feature allows users to ask queries in natural language and receive prompt and accurate responses. With the Slack assistant, users can easily access the information they need without having to navigate through complex menus or search through cumbersome documentation.

In addition to the Slack assistant, Alltius also offers a comprehensive conversational assistance feature through the KNO widget. The KNO widget includes an in-product guide and companion that provide users with guidance as they navigate their software product journey. This feature ensures that users have the necessary support and assistance at every step, helping them make the most out of the software product. Whether they are just starting out or facing a specific challenge, the KNO widget ensures users have access to the information they need to overcome any obstacles.

Furthermore, Alltius enhances the user experience by offering an enterprise documentation search platform. This platform allows users to access more in-depth information about their software product, beyond the scope of the in-product guide. By enabling users to search and access comprehensive documentation, Alltius ensures users have a complete understanding of their software and can leverage its full capabilities.

Full Review

We had the opportunity to review Alltius, an AI-driven platform that aims to provide comprehensive conversational assistance for software products. One of the standout features of Alltius is the KNO widget, which offers users quick and accurate answers to their queries.

The KNO widget integrates seamlessly with Slack, enabling users to access a handy assistant directly within the messaging platform. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow as users can ask questions and receive answers without having to switch between multiple applications.

One of the key strengths of the KNO widget is its comprehensive conversational assistance capabilities. It is equipped with a wide range of knowledge and can provide insightful answers to a variety of questions. Whether it's a technical query or a request for general information, the KNO widget delivers accurate and helpful responses.

In addition to its conversational assistance, the KNO widget also enhances the overall user experience by offering an in-product guide. This guide serves as a companion to users as they navigate through their software journey, providing helpful tips and guidance along the way. This feature is particularly useful for new users who may be unfamiliar with the product's interface and functionalities.

Furthermore, the KNO widget includes an enterprise documentation search platform. This allows users to dive deeper into the product's documentation and access more in-depth information. With this feature, users can find detailed resources and guides to further assist them in their usage of the software product.

Overall, Alltius with the KNO widget is a valuable tool for software product users. It simplifies the process of finding answers to questions, enhances the user experience with its in-product guide, and provides access to comprehensive documentation. With Alltius, users can expect a more efficient and satisfying experience, ultimately boosting productivity.


- Quick access to answers through Slack assistant
- Comprehensive conversational assistance with KNO widget
- Improved user experience with in-product guide
- Extensive documentation search for more information


- Limited availability only on Slack.
- May require user familiarity with the Slack platform.

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