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Streamline bookings, automate reminders & capture data.

10to8: Automate Booking and Reminders, Customise Forms, Detailed Analytics

Discover how 10to8's powerful online scheduling solution automates booking reminders, customises forms, and generates detailed analytics for informed decision-making.


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Screenshot of 10to8 Website

Discover the Benefits of 10to8's Convenient Online Scheduling Solution

10to8 is a reliable and efficient online scheduling solution that aims to simplify the way businesses handle their appointments and bookings. By utilizing the platform, customers can effortlessly book appointments with just a few clicks, while businesses can easily manage their availability, bookings, and customer information.

One of the standout features of 10to8 is its ability to automate reminders and notifications. This ensures that customers stay well-informed and reminded about their appointments, reducing the chances of no-shows or late cancellations. Additionally, businesses can customize forms to capture relevant customer data, allowing them to gather necessary information to provide excellent service.

A key advantage of using 10to8 is the detailed analytics it offers. These analytics provide businesses with essential insights into customer behavior, enabling them to make more informed decisions. By understanding customer preferences and patterns, businesses can tailor their services to better suit their target audience, improving overall customer satisfaction.

For Who?

10to8 is an ideal tool for businesses or professionals who rely heavily on appointments and bookings. It is especially useful for service-based businesses such as salons, spas, medical clinics, gyms, and consultants. With its automated booking and appointment reminders, businesses can ensure that their clients never miss an appointment, reducing no-show rates and improving overall customer satisfaction.

The ability to customise forms in 10to8 is advantageous for businesses that require specific customer information, such as medical history, preferences, or special requirements. This feature streamlines the data collection process, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

The detailed analytics provided by 10to8 allow businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' behavior and patterns. This information can be used to make informed decisions about strategies, pricing, and resource allocation, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Main Features

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Benefits of using 10to8

10to8 is a valuable tool that offers numerous benefits in real-world examples. One of its key features is the ability to automate booking and appointment reminders. This ensures that customers are always informed of their upcoming appointments, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and saving businesses time and resources.

Another advantage of using 10to8 is the ability to customize forms to capture customer data. This feature enables businesses to gather essential information from customers, such as contact details, preferences, or specific requirements. By collecting this data in an organized manner, businesses can tailor their services to better meet customer needs and provide a more personalized experience.

Furthermore, 10to8 provides detailed analytics that offer valuable insights for informed decision-making. By analyzing customer behavior patterns, businesses can identify trends, preferences, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach allows businesses to make strategic decisions to optimize their services, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth.

Full Review

We recently had the opportunity to review 10to8, an online scheduling tool that aims to simplify the appointment and booking management process for businesses. Our overall experience with 10to8 was positive, as we found its features to be powerful and its interface intuitive.

One of the standout features of 10to8 is its ability to automate booking and appointment reminders. This is a valuable tool for businesses, as it helps ensure that customers do not forget about their appointments. The reminders can be customized to be sent at specific intervals before the appointment, and can include important details such as location and any necessary preparation instructions. This feature not only saves time for businesses, but also improves customer satisfaction by reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.

Another feature that we found useful is the ability to customize forms to capture customer data. In today's data-driven world, having access to relevant customer information is crucial for businesses. With 10to8, businesses can easily create custom intake forms that can be filled out by customers when they book appointments. This allows businesses to collect important information upfront, helping them tailor their services and better serve their customers' needs. The customizable forms are easy to create and edit, making it simple for businesses to gather the information they need.

In addition to its booking and form customization capabilities, 10to8 also provides detailed analytics that can be used for informed decision-making. The analytics dashboard provides businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior, appointment trends, and more. This data can help businesses identify areas for improvement, optimize their schedules, and make informed decisions about their services. Having this information readily available within the 10to8 platform is a great convenience and can save businesses time and effort.

Overall, we found 10to8 to be a powerful and user-friendly online scheduling solution that offers a range of features to simplify the appointment and booking management process for businesses. The ability to automate booking reminders, customize forms, and generate detailed analytics sets 10to8 apart from other similar tools in the market. With its intuitive interface and convenient features, 10to8 is definitely a tool worth considering for businesses looking to streamline their scheduling processes and improve customer satisfaction.



- Automate booking and appointment reminders
- Customise forms to capture customer data
- Generate detailed analytics for informed decision-making


- Limited customization options for businesses
- Potential learning curve for new users

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